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Massage Chair Sales


What better way to relax your back, shoulders, neck and legs than with a state-of-the-art massage chairs? Our massage chairs can work wonders on any tired, stressed out body. In fact, many people say that the massages they receive from the chairs are even better than the ones they receive from professional massage therapists!

Our massage chair envelopes your upper body from your neck to your toes all to deliver a powerful undulating and stretching massage. The foot and calf massager adjusts automatically to fit anyone from 5' to 6'5" tall. So sit back in one of our full body massage chairs and soothe away even the most stressful day in only minutes. Or, upgrade the comfort of your favorite chair with our line of lumbar and seat massagers that easily transform any chair into a massage chair.


Happy Customer Testimonials

My family recently bought a relaxology 6. The chair works great and has a nifty back warming functions. Overall we are very happy with the purchase and the chair looks quite cool in our living room.

Hassan P. Los Angeles, CA

I went to the warehouse and tried all the chairs. I love the Relax 5 but I can only afford the 3. I bought it, and they delivered it the next day. These guys are amazing. I love the Relax 3. I use it every day after work.

Nancy L. Sylmar, CA

I got this chair as a birthday gift for my husband to replace the recliner we've had for the past 10 years or so. When it first got here, I have to say, he was a little bit put off by how much money I spent. Luckily.

Angela Y. Pasadena, CA

The Rexalogy 5 massage chair just got delivered to my home last week! I gave the delivery guys an extra $20 and they took it upstairs for me. What great guys. The chair weighs at least 300 lbs so there was no way for me to lift it myself.

Justine V. Los Angeles, CA

Looks obviously aren't everything, especially when it comes to a massage chair, lol. But having said that, this thing looks sooooooooo cool. When I was first looking at massage chairs trying to decide which one to get, some of them were so straight-up ugly I was thinking I'd have to hide the chair in my basement, lol.

Ita Z. Houston, TX

I've tried a lot of different massage chairs and I must say the Relaxology 5 does a much better massage. The quality of the chair is much, much higher. You can really feel the difference when you sit in it. It's a great chair.

Julie W. Rowland Heights, CA

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On June 14th, a tremendous honor occurred when the famous director, Francis Coppola, director of "Godfather" and many other iconic films, walked into our Dr. Approved Massage Chairs store located in San Gabriel Valley, California.

Francis tested every Relaxology line of massage chair. To his surprise, these chairs were just what he was looking for. He shared with us:that "Relaxology Massage Chairs have so much benefit to those who are suffering from aches and pain."

After careful consideration, he selected our Relaxology 4 Chair as a new addition to his home. He was so satisfied that he was more than happy to take photos with our CEO and the whole Dr. Approved Massage Chair team. It was our true pleasure to help Francois Coppola ease his aches and pains!