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Use Vibration Exercise Board every day and achieve the best results in improving blood circulation, relieving body pains, reducing body fat and building bone density. 10-minute workout on board a day offer you three times the effects of walking for an hour.
The board is suitable for people of all age groups, especially for the elderly, for people who seldom exercise, for those who need to improve blood circulations, for those who work under enormous pressure and have no time to exercise, for those who fight obesity and want to lose weight.
Use it together with our Secret Weight Loss Plan, we guarantee that you will lose weight in an easier and faster way.

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Product Details

How nice would it be to enjoy the benefits of an exhausting workout without becoming fatigued or getting sweaty. With our Relaxology  Vibration Exercises Board, you can now have a healthier body in only 10 minutes. As you stand on the Weight Loss Board, it creates  vibrations that travel through the entire body, enhancing blood circulation while also diminishing pain, fat, cellulite and even reduces stress levels. One 10-minute session is  equivalent to a 40-60 minute workout, but you won’t be left feeling exhausted or sweaty afterwards. In fact, you’ll feel more energized than ever before! It’s great for the elderly, or anyone who can't endure a vigourous workout but still wants the benefits of exercising.  Relaxology Weight Loss Board’s vibration technology was originally pioneered from NASA’s space program to help counteract the effects of being in space,  most astronauts dealt with bone & muscle mass loss from being exposed to weightlessness for extended periods of time.


NASA Technology

The patented vibration technology used by the Relaxology Weight Loss Board was originally developed from NASA in correspondence to the loss of bone and muscle tissue that most astronauts experienced after spending time in zero-gravity domains. It has been researched that whole body vibration increases not only muscle mass, but as well as bone density too. When a person is engaged in any activity involving repetitive motions, much like running or swimming, the muscle fibers are forced to contract and relax as they alternate, which simulates a gravitational pull causing the muscle to work with and against the vibration. This process improves muscle strength, stimulates bone growth, and increases circulation of blood to the entire body.Shake It Up! Fat and Waste are gone.

It wasn’t long before health and fitness enthusiasts alike, were also interested in the benefits of whole body vibration. It is now being throughout used the country to enhance fitness performance and as a substitute workout regiment. The Relaxology Weight Loss Board is also great for people who are too busy to engage in regular exercise. Only 10 minutes per session, there really are no excuses for missing a “workout” again!


No Pain, Bone Gain!

Relaxology Weight Loss Board can also be used by those who have a difficult time standing or are unable to stand. As we age, our bones can lose density due to lack of physical activity, genetic factors, or both, often lead to osteoporosis, which is a condition in which bones become brittle and weak. Many times, health or certain disabilities, make it difficult for the elderly to engage in regular exercise. The Relaxology Weight Loss Board provides an easy workout that can develop muscle mass and bone density without exerting oneself. Just stand on the vibration plate for only 10 minutes at a time, up to 2 or 3 times per day and let the whole body vibration do all the work for you. Those who find it difficult to stand can sit on the plate and still receive whole body vibration workout as well.


Improve Your Mood and Health.

The Relaxology Weight Loss Board provides the first safe and effective way to stimulate human cells, increase cell oxygen circulation, enhance cell nutrients, stimulate cell fluid movement, and assisting cell waste removal. Research has shown that whole body vibration therapy leads to a huge increase in serotonin levels. Some users have claimed to see improvements in their mood, as well as their energy level.



top mssage chair Vibration Exercises Board




top mssage chair Vibration Exercises Board


Download Relaxology™ Vibration Exercises Board Manual

top mssage chair Vibration Exercises BoardRelaxology™ Vibration Exercises Board





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