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Massage Chair Warehouse

Stacked to the Rafters with Massage Chairs

Dr. Approved Massage Chairs has been selling our own brand named Relaxology™ massage chairs, for more than 10 years. With two previous brick and mortar locations in Alhambra, CA and Ontario, CA. It was in 2017 that we concluded the best way to offer the highest value on the best massage chairs, was to sell directly online. So, we closed our stores and brought our entire operation into our main warehouse and office facility located in San Gabriel, CA.

Best Value for Our Customers

As one can see from the picture on the left (of our warehouse), we are literally stacked to the rafters with massage chairs and massage related products that are ready sell. Our products have been extremely popular online, and we are very happy that now we can focus 100% of our efforts to bringing the best massage chairs at the best value to our customers.

Absolute Best Customer Service

Since we started in the massage chair business much has changed, massage chairs have become much more sophisticated and many new sellers have entered the market. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the absolute best customer service and support available, and it is our promise that you will be completely satisfied with your massage chair purchase (product, price and service). We hope that you will let your friends and family members know how you were treated when you shopped at Dr. Approved Massage Chairs, and how much you love your new massage chair!

Massage Chair Story

The following is the real story of how Alice Du, owner of Dr. Approved Massage Chairs started in the massage chair business

Awful Massage Experience Turns Me Into A Massage Chair Entrepreneur

One winter, many years ago, I was invited by a friend to her foot salon. While doing a foot spa, a young female masseur started to massage my body. Suddenly an incorrect pressure applied on my shoulder and neck by the masseur made me scream out loud. The result of this one bad massage experience has been many years of spontaneous neck and shoulder pain. It would begin in the left shoulder, gradually radiating down my left arm, to the left side of my back, and then up into my neck. I would have a radioactive head pain if I did not receive massages in two weeks, while the pain is often accompanied with a cold feeling. I was helpless, and started the long search to find a cure for the pain.

The Painful Long Search for Treatments

I went back to the foot spa and tried shoulder and neck massage. Useless!

Then, I went to a professional, who is famous, yet unlicensed, with lots of patients on a waiting list to see him. As it turned out, he hurt my right shoulder, arm and back. And I left with even more pain.

After that, I went to a chiropractor, a DC in the U.S., who soothed my pains, but did completely cure. The pain still comes every day, and I can't afford, nor do I have the time to see a chiropractor every day.

Finally, I had a chance to enjoy a spa massage while on a business trip abroad. The experience told me that it is very important to have a good spa masseur to help with my pain, because it almost made them it go away. After that I would always try to arrange my travel plans to be able to enjoy a spa massage while there.

After I knew the essence of a massage, I found a spa in Los Angeles to do massage for me. I told them the correct massage experience and I received good results. But I have to make the appointment and spend a lot of time in the spa. Plus spend $2000 for the 30 massage package. I felt like I had to do it for the relief, but it was hard to justify the money and the time it took.  Can I afford all this? To save money, I first tried one massage every two months, then once a month, then once every two weeks, then once a week. I was told that I was one of the customers who had the most pain.

I found out that it is difficult to find qualified professional masseurs, because you never know about their skills and how well the masseurs are massaging your body. My pains are results of unprofessional massaging. Massage chairs are designed by experts according to human circulatory systems using targeting and positioning techniques. Once accurately targeted, there is no need to worry that massages will harm or hurt your body. All you need is concentrate on massaging itself.